RH Consulting is a firm created in 2018 in England and expanded in the DRC in 2020. Through its diversified services, it provides exceptional quality assistance to public and private companies, governments, civil and political figures with the aim of improving their reputation and fostering their growth

RH Consulting Sarl, a service provider that extends its hand to you and remains with you at every step until the achievement of your objectives.

In various areas of the life of your company or your institution, from the need for its funding to that of stimulating its notoriety, that of its leaders or that of its product, including training, advice and support , RH-Consulting puts its experts at your disposal and finds solutions that best suit your expectations.

Founded in England in 2018 under the name HR Digital, the company has stood out for the quality of its services. The various contacts with African countries, mainly the DRC, immediately noted the enormous needs for support in a marketing strategy capable of giving a better image of the country, its people and its institutions. But since communication basically requires that it be supported by concrete achievements, the support that would be provided in this context could only achieve its objectives if the various projects are implemented effectively. The financing of these projects being the main constraint for their achievements, RH Digital adds in 2019 the objective of facilitating the financing of projects in Africa and has worked to find and select donors and firms able to offer the most suitable conditions for African countries.

RH Digital becomes RH Consulting, joins forces and makes partnership contracts to eventually become a Limited Liability Company, RH-CONSULTING Sarl.

Our ambition is to be part of the entities that give real value to the DR Congo as well as other African countries by providing better quality support at reduced cost.

What We Do

We create a digital marketing strategy that sets you apart from the competition, that gets you found online and grows your revenues. From social media marketing and management to SEO to  targeted adverts, web designs, we can help you stand out.

HR Consulting facilitates its clients in negotiations with the financial investors it has undertaken to identify and compare by providing them with in-depth analysis with guaranteed reliability.

e Learning

Developing professional skills doesn’t end in a classroom. Our platform allows you to learn new skills from anywhere. our E-Learning platform is modern and new programs are added regularly with new and updated modules. Learning at your own pace to achieve personal and professional goals.

There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.” – Roger Staubacht

As a forward thinking organisation, we’re always focused on reducing churn and increasing satisfaction. We know that collecting feedback from customers throughout the customer’s lifecycle has allowed us to achieve both. 

Our Team

Rebecca Holding

CEO – RH Consulting SARL – RDC

Tayito Mevanza

Operations & Projects Director

Gogo Wetshi

Legal & Compliance Office

Anna Right 

Digital Marketing Excecutive

Moise Olenga

Chef des Projets de la Province du Sankuru.

Blandine Mevanza

IT Project Director –

Contact Us

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Kemp House,
160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX


11e étage, Immeuble Junya, 8884 Avenue Plateau, Gombe, Kinshasa  (Référence hotel Memling/Station Cobil)




+243 840 679 444 (RDC)
+44 20 4536 6148 (UK)